The Right Way to Choose a Surrogate Mother

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In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a treatment that has come up as a blessing for childless couples, particularly for the cases where the female partner does not have a fertile or strong enough womb to support pregnancy. If you have decided to undergo this treatment and finding the best ways for it, you will be confronted with several choices- whether to go for traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy; where to get it from and so on. One of the trickiest questions coming your way will be of choosing a Surrogate Mother. Here are some factors to consider while making this choice…

  • Legalities: It is not difficult to find Affordable Surrogacy in Delhi, India but you must know that while it is not illegal, there are no specific laws governing this practice as yet. However, if you are signing a Surrogacy Agreement, there should be no hassle later on. This agreement can be taken as a legal evidence, stating the amount of compensation, handing over of the newborn to intended parents, role of the Surrogate Mother etc.
  • Medical Stability: If you are going for surrogacy through a legitimate agency, which is highly recommended, the organization will conduct medical checks to ensure that the Surrogate Mother is physically and mentally fit to bear a child. You can check their reports to be sure before choosing a surrogate.
  • Understanding as a Person: Interview different surrogates and try to understand them as individuals. Since you are entrusting her for your baby’s initial nine months, it would be better to find a likeminded Surrogate Mother who would care for the baby your way. If you are going for traditional surrogacy, genetics is also a factor you might want to consider.
  • Lifestyle Preferences: Your baby will grow inside the surrogate’s body so it is crucial to consider the kind of lifestyle she has. Ask her about her diet schedules, fitness regime, any addictions of some sort etc. Make sure that the Surrogate Mother you choose is healthy.
  • Trust and Comfort: You would be sharing a close relationship with the surrogate so it is better to communicate and establish a level of trust and comfort. Choose a woman with whom you feel at ease.

You own preferences and reasons for choosing a Surrogate Mother will impact your choice in this regard, so be sure about what exactly you want prior to commencing the search. Find the right woman for this and you can live your long-cherished dream of parenthood without any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions About IVF- Answered !

A family is considered complete only when a child is born. But some couples are bereaved of this pleasure due to numerous medical conditions. While earlier adoption was seen as the only solution to it, today one has the option of IVF Treatments for having a child that is biologically one’s own. However, this is a not-so-talked-about procedure and couples thinking of this as a possibility are likely to have many doubts. Hereunder, we have listed down several FAQs and answered them as well to clear your doubts. Take a look…

Q 1. Do I need IVF?

IVF is mostly recommended to women whose fallo pian tube is blocked or missing or if the causes for infertility are not known. This procedure may also be advised in case of poor sperm movement or low sperm count.

Q 2. What is it like to undergo this treatment?

IVF can be a very demanding procedure in terms of your time, health and emotional state. The cycles sometimes go on for weeks and need you to visit the clinic often. Some women feel anxiety and stress during this long procedure, thus, good fertility clinics also provide counselling services for both intended parents.

Q 3. What are the chances of success?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, success rate of IVF Treatments have gone up significantly. Chances of yours being successful or not depend on various factors, such as your age and health as well as the fitness of your partner and surrogate mother, if any. There are two ways by which we define accomplishment in this case – one is if the pregnancy is confirmed and other is by the number of live births.

Q 4. What are the risks associated?

The risks associated with this treatment are for the child as well as for the bearing woman. If multiple embryos are transferred, there is a possibility of multiple births. However, in some countries there is a defined limit for the number of embryos that can be implanted. Other risks pertain to the transfer of diseases to the surrogate from the intended mother or from the bearing mother to the child. Such risks can be minimized with proper check-ups and procedures.

If you are looking for a Surrogate Womb On Rent I, these are some questions you should have answers to before proceeding. You should consult your doctor about every minor aspect of IVF to be sure that you want to take this step.

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