Ovidac 5000iu Injection

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Order Cheapest HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Online!

The Ovidac 5K Injection is a hormone that aids in pregnancy. An ovary's egg develops normally due to this hormone. Additionally, it stimulates ovulation by releasing eggs. Women use Ovidac 5K Injection to treat infertility, while men use it to increase sperm count.

Generic Name : HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

US Brand Name : Novarel

Manufacture Name : Cardila

Prescribed For : Treatment of Infertility

Side Effects : Headache, Nausea, Fatigue, Fever, Diarrhea, Skin Rash

Composition : HCG(human chorionic gonadotropin)

Strength : 5000iu

Presentation : Vial/Injection

Product Code : SKU-223

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

Available in : Worldwide (Except India)

What is Ovidac 5000Iu Injection?

Treatment for female infertility with Ovidac 5000Iu Injection Online. It's also helpful in restoring testosterone levels in males with hypogonadism (delayed puberty and low sperm count). Both sexes benefit from its effects, with testosterone levels rising in men and ovulation in women.

  • Uses

    Injections of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection USA are administered by a medical professional. The best time to help with the infusion is whenever your doctor tells you to. The dosage and frequency of administration should be tailored to the ailment being treated. One should use this medication for the entire duration of your treatment.

    Pain at the injection site, headache, weariness, and depression are among this medication's most often reported adverse effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms persist or seem severe. Possible solutions exist to mitigate or eliminate them. A man's voice may deepen, he may sweat more, or he may develop acne. Tell your doctor immediately if you get sick after getting the injection, especially if you feel dizzy, faint, have stomach pain, or throw up.

    What are the Uses of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection?

    Applications in the Treatment of Female Infertility

    The hormone contained in Ovidac 5000Iu Injection promotes average egg growth within the ovary and encourages the release of the egg during ovulation. Ovulation-inducing medication. Female infertility can be helped by this method. This improves the odds of having a healthy baby. Professional medical personnel administer it. If you want the medication to work, you must take it as directed. After becoming pregnant, you may be requested to continue this treatment.

    Hypogonadism in Men: Diagnosis and Management

    Failure to produce sex hormones necessary for reproduction is the result of hypogonadism, which affects both sexes and affects the testes and ovaries. Increasing testosterone production and sperm quality in men is one of the many benefits of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection from India. This aids in treating hypogonadism in males and can help minimize infertility. To maximize the benefits, always adhere to your doctor's orders.

  • Side Effects

    Ovidac 5000Iu Injection Side Effects

    Most adverse reactions improve when your body gets used to the medication. If they persist or you are concerned about them, see a doctor.

    Common side effects of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection are as follows:

    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • Depression
    • Irritation
    • Restlessness
  • Interactions

    Interaction of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection with Other Drugs

    Because of the potential for interactions, tell your doctor about any medications, vitamins, and herbal remedies you are currently taking, especially Ovidac Powder For Injection. Remember to let your doctor know if you're scheduled for any upcoming medical procedures, such as surgery or vaccinations.

    There have been no reports of serious drug interactions. However, it is possible that this medication could increase the risk of multiple births if given to a woman taking menotropins for infertility (twins, triplets).

  • Warning

    Ovidac 5000Iu Injection is used with follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) when treating female infertility.

    Oligospermia, undescended testes, and delayed puberty are some conditions it can cure in males (low sperm count).

    To administer, a needle is inserted into a muscle or subcutaneously.

    Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome symptoms include severe pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abrupt weight gain, difficulty breathing, and decreased or absent urination; therefore, it's essential to report them to your doctor right once (OHSS).

    Ovarian hyper stimulation necessitates four days of abstinence from sexual activity or barrier contraception.

  • FAQs

    The most common question about Ovidac 5000Iu Injection is, "Where do I inject it?"

    Only a doctor or nurse should administer this drug via an injection. Buttocks and arm injections are the ideal injection sites for Ovidac 5000Iu Injection because of their proximity to the muscles. Injecting medications under the skin requires pinching a small area of skin from the abdomen or front of the thigh.

    When using Ovidac 5000Iu Injection, is there a risk of having twins?

    Treatment for infertility with Ovidac 5000Iu Injection has been associated with an increased likelihood of multiple pregnancies. It has been observed that many women who take this medication become pregnant with twins. You should talk to your doctor if you have any questions about this.

    Why do doctors recommend the injections of Ovidac 5000Iu Injection when it comes to getting pregnant?

    The hormone supplement known as Ovidac 5000Iu Injection can be helpful during pregnancy. It regulates the maturation of the egg inside the ovary. In addition, it facilitates ovulation by increasing the rate at which eggs are released. Ovidac 5000Iu Injection is intended to treat infertility in women, but it is also prescribed to males to raise their sperm count. If you are already pregnant, you probably won't get it. Before starting this or any other drug, you must talk to your doctor and provide a complete medical history.

    Is the HCG Injection shots induce breast soreness?

    While injections of HCG can cause breast soreness and enlargement, these side effects are uncommon. If you feel discomfort while taking this drug, please consult your doctor.

    HCG Injection: What Is It and How Is It Used?

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone found in HCG Injection that is also produced naturally by the body. It helps women whose ovaries have trouble releasing an egg (release of an egg). It is used with other fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation in women undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures like in-vitro fertilization (IVF). It is prescribed to men who have low sperm counts or who have delayed puberty.

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